Monday, April 9, 2012

I caved

Yup.. I caved and got a tumblr account~ will be using that mostly now

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creepy phone call

So after getting back to my room and realizing that I haven't had a meal today, I decided to order a small pizza.  This is my awkward phone conversation with the employee...

Guy: So what would you like to order?
Me: I would like a small hawaiian pizza please.
Guy: oh nice. Your name is ______? And you're at _________ Hall?
Me: ... uh... yeah
Guy: We have it on file that's why.
Me: *awkward giggle* oh gotcha.
Guy: Did anyone tell you that you have a very pretty voice ________?
Me: *awkward giggle again*  uh...
Guy: By the way, my name isn't Dustin, its Jake.
Me: Oh I see?
Guy: I just have to say that cuz I'm logged in under him but anyways, I wanted you to know my real name
Me: ...
Guy: _________?
Me: uh huh?
Guy: Did you know that I've been working since 2PM today (it was 1am at the time of this conversation)
Me: Oh, that sucks
Guy: Yeah it's alright though.  I get to talk to people like you!
Me: *awkward laugh*
Guy: You know what? Just because I'm that type of a guy, I'm going to give you free dessert!
Me: oh uh.. thank you...
Guy: Yup! So it comes out to $$.
Me: alrighty, thanks
Guy: No problem, I'll give you a call real soon.
Me: *hang up* That was the most creepy talk over the phone ever... -_____-

Friday, December 2, 2011

Held by Him

My mind has been everywhere lately.  Every time I'm alone, I have a million things going through my head and each of them makes me more unsure and anxious.  Perhaps this is a sign for me to have a stronger focus on God.  However, as a insecure and dumb human being, I feel pretty lonely down here.  It's funny because I can be surrounded by groups of people that I would consider my closest friends, but I still have moments of anxiety and nervousness.  

I often think about everything that's going on in my personal life as well as in my family.  Then I picture the world as I want it to be...  Then, soon, I realize that days are passing by and those dreamt up moments only happen in my imagination.... Every night I want to be comforted.  I don't mean it in a 'I want a boyfriend' kind of way.  I just want to be comforted by Him.  Although I desperately reach out, I don't always find Him near.  As my grandma recently told me, I am always in His arms, but am too distracted and confused to realize it.  

I wish the world would stand still for a moment and all I have to think about are happy memories.  Those memories that happened when I was too naive to care about other things.  The ones shared with the people that I once thought cared...